Celli Trotting




Training sessions are held on the fourth Sunday of every month. Please arrive at 10.00am for a 10.30am prompt start. The training usually lasts for about two to two and a half hours. Training fees are £3 per session. Please see the Dates and Directions tab on the Training button above for further details.

Owners attending training must be a member of the GSP Club for insurance purposes, please see the Membership page for details on how to join.

There are 6 levels of training from baby pups to Open standard. As you and your dog's training progresses when the trainer considers you are ready to move to the next level, you will be put forward for Assessment. On passing that Assessment you will proceed to the next level.

The training days are an excellent opportunity to check the skills you and your dog are developing are going in the right direction. It is vital that you train using the Curriculum available for download in the Training link above. As you are no doubt aware with HPR breeds, what you put into your dog in terms of time and effort is what you get out!

Training Classes are structured as follows:

Level 1.......Young puppies. Trainer - Pam Terry.

Level 2.......Older puppies. Trainer - Sue Parr.

Level 3.......Early Novice standard. Trainer - John Parnham.

Level 4.......Novice standard. Trainer - TBC.

Level 5.......Top level Novice prior to Open. Trainers - Pete Terry & Gordon Etherton.

Level 6.......Open standard - self training.

Entry and Next Level Assessments - Sue Parr

Each dog and handler will have the opportunity to take turns at each exercise at each level. There will be some waiting your turn. During these times it's a good opportunity to see how others handle their dogs and maybe you will be able to pick up some tips. It would also be appreciated if loud chat in the waiting group could be kept to a minimum so the handler and dog executing the exercise are not disturbed - thank you!