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Branch History

The West Sussex Branch of the GSP Club had its beginnings in 1979 when Alan Church, Ken Poundsbury, Derek and John Batchelor, Dave Cund and Paddy McIlvenny got together as a group of friends who were based in the Brighton area. These friends simply enjoyed getting together to train their GSPs and to develop their skills, this led to the foundation of the club as we now know it.


In the early 1980's Sue Parr,  Pam and Pete Terry, Sheila and Ken Elliott, Lori Dempster and Trevor Shearman joined the group. Trevor subsequently became Chairman of the group and through a lot of dedication and hard work the group eventually gained full Branch status with the GSP Club.


This status permitted the West Sussex Branch to organise and participate in GSPC events such as Field Trials as well as providing GSPC based training.


Trevor sadly died a few years ago, however the other founding Branch members remain very much involved with the running and development of the Branch.


Membership continues to grow with training sessions regularly hosting more than 30 owners and their dogs.



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